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Life in a Pandemic game ideation!

Life in a pandemic is one of my most favourite project that I have been a part of. Let me dive into the story behind this idea. A friend and I decided to take part in a Game Jam called Game Jam 2020 AD hosted by IIT Gandhinagar in collaboration with DigiS and sponsored by Beamable. The theme of the jam was 2020. And we had around 7 days to develop the game. Sadly we spent the first 4 days doing absolutely nothing. On the 5th day, we pulled our sleeves up and started working on the storyline and developing the characters and narrative. Simultaneously working on art and development.

We made it to the 7th position in the jam and were a part of the honourable mentions. YAY!

What is Life in a Pandemic?

A short visual-novel game based on the consequences faced by a common man in India during the pandemic lockdown. The lead character goes through hardships and struggles born out of the pandemic in the attempt to create an awareness of how day to day life got affected with or without any income.

Here’s a One-page slide of the idea and some of the core art elements.

A sneak-peek of the Design process using Miro. Something that my amazing teammate taught me during this project.

I will drop a character description blog for the core characters and the NPC’s soon.


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1 Comment

Tanishka Shareef
Tanishka Shareef
Jun 22, 2021

One of the game project which will always be close to my heart! xoxo

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