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Valorant Basics in 400 words!

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter and online multiplayer game. The game has various characters to play as. Each character has its own 4 unique abilities this also includes one ultimate.

Each character gets one free ability, a standard pistol and a knife at the start of every round. The other 2 abilities have to be purchased at the start of the game from the gunshop along with other guns and armour. Armour increases the damage taken value of the character. The ultimate is earned by filling up the ultimate points. The points are earned by kills or at the end of a round, that is, 1 kill = 1 point and 1 round = 1 point.

The characters/ Agents are classified into 4 different classes as Sentinel, controller, duelist and initiator. Duelists are offensive, which specializes in attacking and entry fragging for the team. Sentinels are defensive line, which specializes in locking down sites and protecting the team from enemies. Initiators plan out offensive pushes, which specializes in breaking to defensive enemy positions. The last class are controllers, which specializes in setting the team up for success. The control sightlines on the map.

There are different modes in the game, that is, unrated, spike rush, competitive, escalation and deathmatch. There are different maps too with 2-3 plant sites in them. Playing competitive ranks up the player. A team has to win all the rounds first to win the game. The team plays both as attackers and defenders. The attackers have to plant the spike at the plant site and defend it from being defused by the defenders. The defenders have to prevent the spike from being planted or defuse the spike before it explodes. The other way to win a round is by killing everyone from the opposite team.

This game is a fusion of overwatch and CSGO. The character design is very innovative as all the characters have different ethnicity which makes it very inclusive. The female characters in the game are equally strong too. Each character also has its catchphrase for various parts of the game. These catchphrases are also conversational statements with other characters at times.

I love playing this game because of its fast pace and the whole shooting aspect of the game. The game has the perfect blend of strategy, socialisation, skill and speed. The beauty of the characters and the possibility of playing multiple classes or just playing one single character throughout.

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Tanishka Shareef
Tanishka Shareef
22 jun 2021

This is exactly the guide needed for all Rookie players to begin with!

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