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Bingo Bash

Role: Game Artist (Technical) - Intern

Responsibilities: Integrating art for Bingo Rooms, and live ops (sales and events) on both Adobe Animate (Flash) and Unity.

Tools: Adobe Animate, Unity, Photoshop, Jira, Google Suite, SVN, ClickUp

Duration: 1 year

Genre: Social Casino

Worked as a Technical Artist in Bingo Bash bridging the gap between Artists and Developers. My prior of Unity played a vital role during the transition of the game. Initially, I was introduced to Adobe Animate and picked it up quickly, and took on major responsibilities. During the last phase of the game's transition, I single-handedly worked on the final sales and event files that would go out for the Flash. Post this, I moved to the Unity team and started integrating and optimizing art for Bingo Rooms and Live Ops. I also worked closely with Designers to understand their design process and actively shared my opinions on the art with the art team. 

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