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Hack your friends

Role: Game Artist & Designer

Responsibilities: Game Ideation, Pitch creation, Game Art, Documentation, Brainstorming, Art integration

Tools: Google Suite, Trello,  Miro, Photoshop, Unity, GitHub

Duration: 3 months

Genre: Casual Edu-Game, Visual Novel, Puzzle

Play as a friendly neighborhood hacker to help your friends and family regain access to their profiles by extracting personal information from publicly viewable content on their social media accounts.

The theme of the game is "Digital Literacy" and the Target Audience is kids who have access to the internet. It is an educational game that focuses on teaching kids the importance of privacy, strong passwords, and posting too many details on social media. 

This game was created as a part of Game Mixer 2021 in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Stiftung Digital Spielekultur, and Games Bavaria.

The game can be played on a browser. The game has language options too, that is, English or German.

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