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Hack your friends

Play as a friendly neighbourhood hacker to help your friends & family regain access to their profiles by extracting personal information from publicly viewable content on their social media accounts. This game was created as a part of Game mixer 2021 under the theme "Digital Literacy" in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Stiftung digital Spielekultur and Games Bavaria. The game can be played on a browser.

Life in a Pandemic


Life in a pandemic, a short visual-novel game based on the consequences faced by a common man in India during the pandemic lockdown. The lead character goes through hardships and struggles born out of the pandemic with the attempt to create an awareness of how day to day life got affected with or without any income. Will they come out of the struggle?? Let's play to find out.

 It is made with Unity and the art was made in photoshop for Game Jam 2020 AD.

wicked john

The Raise

Ascension through professional levels

Ascend the corporate ladder to get the raise. From intern to the director to turn the organisation into a success. use the special platforms to reach your goals faster. mistakes can lead to starting over. Work Wisely! Let the hustle begin!! 

The game was inspired by doodle jump.

 Made with Unity. 

Maintenance Man

Help the maintenance man to light up the building. The kids in the neighbourhood messed up with the electric switches. Push the batteries to the sockets to light up each floor.

This game was made for global game jam 2020. The art style was pixel art and I worked as an artist for the game.

It is made with unity.

Wicked John

Wicked John is a story about an ex-Mafia, seeking revenge from the mafia for killing his beloved dog. The dog was given to him by his wife who lost her life to cancer. After the death of the dog, John has no motive to live apart from putting out the fire in his heart by taking his revenge. The game is a journey of how Wicked John finds out that sometimes the people who are closest to you can be the biggest threat to your life.

Concentration List

Screenshot (105).png

The game was made in 24 hours and I worked on the art. Currently, it is a prototype. Inspired by the movie Schindler's List. The player is a factory owner and he chooses to help the Jews escape concentration camps. He did what is wrong according to the Nazi Government and this was his act of bravery. After escaping camps he has to provide them with clothing, education and a fake passport to send them off to another country. Made with Unity and the assets are made in Photoshop.

Patient Zero


Patient Zero is a story of a test subject of a failed experiment. Zero manages to escape the hospital and now the main motive of his life is to create an army of Zombies. He starts infecting the civilians and law officials of the city by spitting on them. He is immune to most of the bullets and it is really hard to kill him. On the other hand, Zero keeps creating havoc in the city with his army of zombies.  

Trapped VR

Trapped VR

June was sucked into the game and is trying to find her way back home. She has to find the keys, solve the riddles and get back to her original world. The game was made on Unity and the art was made on blender and adobe photoshop.


Cryptic Lands
Colored Stack
Stoneman run
8-Bit Runner

A home is a place with high-speed internet. X has lost his way and wants to go home. The only way for him to reach home is by using the signals of his WiFi. There are repeaters that would help x reach home before the battery runs out. The game was Made on Unity. The art was made using Blender. This was made for Global Game Jam 2019. I worked as an Artist.

Cryptic Lands

The player is trapped in an unknown land. He/She has to fight the AI's, find the orbs and the door to leave the land. This game is made with Unity and the art was made on adobe photoshop.

Coloured Stack

This is a simple tower stacking game made using Unreal engine. The 2D art assets i.e, the UI and Background elements were made on Photoshop.

Stoneman Run

A simple 3D endless runner made using Unreal engine. The models apart from the character were made on blender.

8-bit Runner

I worked on the UI elements of the game i.e, the main menu assets and the hud as well as I worked on the pixel parallax background and the logo. For the background is used 11 layers. The game is developed on unity3d and Adobe Photoshop was used for the art assets. 


A book store prototype design app using Basic Navigation using XCode. 

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